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Security services in Krasnodar

Ltd. "Helios" provides comprehensive services for your safety.
Prigorodnaya Str., 177 / Office 305 / Krasnodar  +7 918 921 06 85

Free number 8 800 350 65 64


Technical Security

Our range of services includes the development, implementation and maintenance of equipment.

Comprehensive Business Security

The system of measures aimed at protecting the company against external and internal threats.

Security Services

This is a self-defense against attacks, fraud, theft, loss of funds, property, leakage of confidential information.


Qualified staff will warn and protect the client directly from illegal encroachments. We employ responsible, reliable, honest employees.



Our employees - our pride.

We employ responsible, reliable, honest employees:
  •  with a high level of professionalism, vindicated by the corresponding certificates, licenses, insurance;
  •  with the knowledge of the English language;
  •  with special training on international programs for bodyguards;
  •  with the motivation and interest in professional growth;
  •  with a competitive remuneration and social protection;
  •  with reliable moral character.


Entrust us the security of your business.

21 years
400 qualified staff
107 loyal customers
138 object under our protection


Our employees -


Experience, trust, friendliness - our values.
sotrydnik 1 Alex guard, 16 years work experience My main task: bandwidth control in the business center. In my work I try to be tactful and polite, keeping job descriptions. Recommend Company "Helios" as a good employer.


director Merenkov Alexander General Director of "Helios" We work for your safety. Krasnodar region can sleep peacefully.
Armen Gasparyan Director of consulting company The company "Helios" has installed a video surveillance system in my company's offices. Quickly drafted, approved all of the technical aspects, set up all the equipment. Satisfied with the quality and the price.

Steps Towards Safety

Let's begin to protect your company today
1. Analysis of the current situation Identify gaps and weaknesses in the protection.
2. recommendations and develop a plan Designing protection programs, as well as legal advice.
3. Implementing security projects We guarantee the safety of your business.

Ltd. "Helios"

 350030 Prigorodnaya Str., 177 / Office 305 / Krasnodar
 +7 918 921 06 85

Free number 8 800 350 65 64

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